Fortnite's Holo-Back Back Bling Receives Animated Emoticon Upgrade Amidst Chapter 5: Season 2 Launch

Fortnite's Holo-Back Back Bling has received a significant enhancement, offering players the ability to display animated emoticons alongside their characters. Previously, this rare purchasable item only allowed static emoticons, but now it adds a dynamic flair to player customization options.

Fortnite's enduring popularity stems not only from its engaging battle royale gameplay but also from its vibrant aesthetic and continuous creative collaborations. Cosmetic customization, including skins, emotes, and accessories like the Holo-Back, allows players to express their individuality within the game.

Introduced in Chapter 2: Season 4 in September 2020, the Holo-Back can be purchased occasionally with V-Bucks from the in-game Item Shop. With the recent update, players can now equip animated emoticons onto the Holo-Back, adding more depth to their personalization options.

Previously, players looking for animated emoticons were limited to the Dead Pixels Back Bling, which only showcased them upon eliminating an opponent. The Holo-Back now provides a versatile solution, allowing players to incorporate emoticons into their gameplay without sacrificing the dynamism of other emotes.

As Fortnite gears up for Chapter 5: Season 2, players can enjoy the latest update, "Myths & Monsters," which introduces Mount Olympus, the Underworld, and thematic weapons like the Thunderbolt of Zeus. Despite recent server maintenance, the community can fully immerse themselves in the new content and continue to shape their Fortnite experience with the enhanced Holo-Back Back Bling.

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Erick P.

Erick P.

14. 03. 2024   21:51

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