Most Popular Pure Fiction 2.0 Characters Revealed in Honkai: Star Rail Chart

A recently surfaced fan-made chart for Honkai: Star Rail unveils the characters with the highest utilization rates in version 2.0 of the Pure Fiction mode. With players eagerly awaiting the upcoming version 2.1 to mark the game's first anniversary, leaks suggest that free-to-play users can anticipate receiving a minimum of 20 complimentary pulls in the next update.

Version 2.1 of Honkai: Star Rail will introduce new Penacony-based characters, Acheron and Aventurine, representing the Nihility and Preservation paths, respectively. The developer team has confirmed Gallagher's appearance in an event banner for the upcoming version. Moreover, fan-favorite characters like Fu Xuan and Topaz will make a return in version 2.1. Anticipated calculations point towards the update going live on March 27.…

Shared by Reddit user naocanyo, a comprehensive Honkai: Star Rail chart highlights the most favored characters for version 2.0 of the Pure Fiction mode. Notably, Ruan Mei, Sparkle, and Huohuo claim the highest utilization rates, while Fu Xuan, Himeko, Luocha, and Tingyun secure positions in the top 10 alongside Jing Yuan and Herta. Black Swan, a prominent figure introduced in version 1.6, also emerges as one of the frequently used characters in the Pure Fiction mode.

Introduced as a multi-stage, permanent mode in version 1.6, Honkai: Star Rail's Pure Fiction challenges players to accumulate score points by vanquishing waves of relentless adversaries. Similar to the Memory of Chaos, this endgame mode necessitates Trailblazers to assemble two teams and select buffs for each, setting the stage for intense combat. While initial stages may pose little challenge, later levels ramp up the difficulty, testing players' skills against formidable foes.

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Frank S.

Frank S.

12. 03. 2024   23:06

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