Nintendo Switch Exclusive Kemono Heroes to Be Temporarily Removed from eShop on March 30

Kemono Heroes, an exclusive Nintendo Switch title launched in 2020, is slated for removal from the Nintendo eShop. This delisting is scheduled for March 30, affording Nintendo Switch enthusiasts a window of just over two weeks to acquire the game before it vanishes from the platform. However, fans need not fret, as this removal is only temporary, and Kemono Heroes is expected to return to the Switch platform in the foreseeable future.

Introduced on February 27, 2020, Kemono Heroes is a side-scrolling action platformer crafted by Mad Gear Games, reminiscent of classic run-and-gun titles like Gunstar Heroes and Metal Slug. Boasting a captivating Japanese-inspired 16-bit aesthetic, the game offers a four-player cooperative mode, allowing players to select from four distinct furry ninja heroes, each equipped with unique weapons and abilities.…………………………………………………………………………………

Originally exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, plans were announced to expand Kemono Heroes to multiple platforms. While NIS America initially handled its Nintendo Switch release, a partnership between Mad Gear Games and JanduSoft paved the way for future endeavors. JanduSoft revealed in January that Kemono Heroes would receive a multi-platform launch in Q3 2024, encompassing PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. The transition in publishers accounts for the impending delisting from the Nintendo eShop, facilitating the transfer of publishing rights from NIS America to JanduSoft before the game's eventual return.

The timeline for Kemono Heroes' reappearance on Nintendo's digital storefront remains uncertain, leaving fans to speculate on whether it will coincide with the release of other versions. In the interim, interested players can procure the game from the Nintendo eShop until March 30 for $14.99 USD, offering a chance to experience its captivating gameplay before its temporary departure.

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Terry P.

Terry P.

17. 03. 2024   23:28

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